WinAutomation Professional Plus + Latest Version 2023

WinAutomation Professional Plus

WinAutomation Professional Plus is a comprehensive automation software designed to streamline and simplify repetitive tasks on your computer. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, WinAutomation Professional Plus allows users to automate a wide range of processes, saving time and increasing efficiency. Whether you’re a business professional looking to automate data entry, a software developer seeking to test applications, or an individual looking to simplify everyday tasks, WinAutomation Professional Plus offers a versatile set of tools to meet your automation needs.

One of the key features of WinAutomation Professional Plus is its visual designer, which allows users to create automation workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy to build complex automation tasks without the need for programming knowledge. Additionally, the software provides a comprehensive library of pre-built actions and triggers, enabling users to automate tasks across various applications and systems.

WinAutomation Professional Plus + Serial Key 2023:

It is compatible with Windows 7 and can be used offline. The software is easy to install and user-friendly, making it accessible for individuals of all skill levels. With WinAutomation Full Version 2023, users can automate a wide range of tasks, which helps to alleviate their daily workload. The software provides numerous features that enable users to perform various tasks automatically. It is especially useful for working with a diverse collection of well-defined processes.

One of the notable features of WinAutomation is its ability to automate processes using Device Robots. These robots are programs that run on your computer and can be programmed to perform tasks just like a human would. By using WinAutomation, users can enhance security measures by protecting sensitive data and utilizing CyberArk vaults. The software also simplifies the process of automating legacy systems, and it offers seamless integration with databases. This allows users to automate processes and incorporate the latest best practices.

Key Features:

  • Manipulating Windows: The ability to release, move, resize, close, and manipulate windows on your computer screen. This allows for efficient management of application windows during automation processes.
  • Custom User Interface: Transforming your automation tasks into personalized applications that can be shared and executed by others. This feature enables easy collaboration and sharing of automation workflows.
  • Web Data Extraction: Selecting websites and extracting data from them, which can be saved into Excel or text files. This feature simplifies the process of gathering information from web pages and automating data extraction tasks.
  • File and Folder Operations: Copying, moving, renaming, compressing, decompressing, and modifying files and folders in various ways. This feature enables efficient management and manipulation of files and directories during automation processes.
  • Excel Integration: Reading and writing data to Excel files, connecting to SQL databases, and manipulating text files. This feature allows for seamless integration with Excel and databases, enabling data manipulation and automation.
  • Task Scheduler: Running automation tasks based on predefined schedules, hotkeys, file events (creation or deletion), website status, or email notifications. This feature provides flexibility in scheduling and triggering automation processes.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Automation: Sending prerecorded mouse clicks and keystrokes to any software application. This feature enables the automation of repetitive tasks that require mouse and keyboard input.
  • FTP Automation: Predefining FTP transfers to download and upload files or entire folders on a regular basis. This feature simplifies the automation of file transfers using FTP protocols.

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What’s  New?

  • Transition to Licensing: The software has moved away from a monthly subscription model to a licensing model, allowing users to activate the product using a license key.
  • National Synchronization Strategy: The software now includes a national synchronization strategy, providing improved synchronization capabilities for automation tasks across different locations.
  • Enhanced Email Monitoring: Users can enhance mechanisms such as email surveillance, allowing for more efficient monitoring and processing of incoming emails.
  • Computer Monitoring: WinAutomation can be utilized for computer surveillance, enabling users to track and monitor computer activities.
  • Impact Analysis and Loop Detection: The product offers tools for analyzing the impact of automation processes and detecting and managing repetitive routines effectively.
  • Debugger Removal Option: Users now have the choice to remove specific debuggers, providing flexibility in managing the debugging process.
  • Command Repository Enhancement: The software includes enhancements to the command repository, making it easier to store and access frequently used commands.
  • Additional Features: The latest update introduces new features that enhance the functionality of the software, providing users with more options and capabilities.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: Previous issues and glitches have been addressed and resolved, resulting in a more stable and efficient software experience.

WinAutomation Professional Plus Pros and Cons:


  • User-Friendly Interface: WinAutomation Professional Plus offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of varying technical backgrounds.
  • Versatile Automation Capabilities: The software provides a wide range of automation capabilities, including web automation, desktop automation, and data automation. It can automate tasks across various applications and systems.
  • Visual Designer: WinAutomation Professional Plus features a visual designer that allows users to create automation workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy to build complex automation tasks without programming knowledge.
  • Extensive Pre-Built Actions and Triggers: The software comes with a comprehensive library of pre-built actions and triggers, enabling users to automate tasks more efficiently and effectively.
  • Scheduling and Error Handling: WinAutomation Professional Plus offers robust scheduling options, allowing users to schedule automation tasks to run at specific times or intervals.


  • Support and Updates: Depending on the specific license or subscription plan, support and updates may vary. Some users may experience delays or limitations in accessing support or receiving timely software updates.
  • Users with older or less powerful systems may experience slower execution or limitations in functionality.

WinAutomation Professional Plus Keys 2023:

Product Keys:

  • VY69H-TWCM9-LVDCC-C5Y9K-K893

Serial Keys:


WinAutomation Professional Plus’System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • 1 GHz or faster processor.
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM.
  • Minimum 500 MB of available hard disk space.
  • Minimum 1024×768 resolution.
  • Internet connection for product activation and updates.

How to install?

  • To deploy, simply quintuple upon that configuration documents.
  • Wouldn’t execute the program after deployment is complete.
  • To execute the programs from internet, please repost Activation Code beforehand.
  • Requested to exchange to just common practice to share.

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